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One of the best ways how to create online sales is to have visitors view your affiliate site is to have a content-rich website. And once they view your work, you had better be prepared to have your preselling techniques ready to turn those views into something profitable for you and the vendor site. 


As an affiliate site, your biggest job is to make your viewers get themselves ready to be redirected to your vendor’s site. Once there, your visitors should then be ready to purchase whatever it was they were seeking in your site in the first place. 


This would mean you will need to create an enticing and functional bridge between your content and the sales page (if you are also the vendor). Previous marketers made the costly mistake of assuming that their targeted traffic will simply “follow the bread crumbs.” 


That means you’ll need to build the most enticing and functional “bridge” between your preselling content page and the sales page. 


Purchase mode

You’ll need to give people enough reason to click on the links or ads that will take them right to the “money page”. Once they are directed to the sales page, they would go on automatic mode and purchase what the marketer wants.

The old belief was that visitors looking for information on “widgets”, gets redirected and landed on a “widget”-related site will automatically be carried away by several on-page ads and purchase away what he needed. 


Motivational aids

To some extent, the old adage does come true. It happens sometimes that visitors come over to the sales page and buy what they want. 

Most of the time, the opposite is true. This is where preselling is needed at the preselling page and not on the sales page (or site).


On top of the list on having an excellent web site is top-notch content. Content takes on many forms. 

My Banner
My Banner

You can tweak your site with meaty content packages like information, human-interest stories, testimonials from customers and experts, case studies and many others. These content materials have to be related to whatever is your site is marketing.

Each one of these content packages can pack a wallop to perk up your site and invite more visitors. 



One requirement for these stories is that they should be personalized and filled with some emotions. (They cannot sound like scientific reports to lull anybody to sleep.) The reason for the requirement is for the site to relate to its visitors.

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Some of today’s preselling sites have added the innovation of supplying free information related to its merchandise. This, again, is a very tangible and generous help from the site.

Soft sell

Some preselling sites have their informative content structured in such a way that gently steers the visitors toward making a purchase at their sales site. 


The information given is not mere recitation of facts or cold narrations of stories. The site serves further by explaining why a certain purchase or type of product could be a solution to the visitor’s problems.

When you think your affiliate site is slowing down or the visitor’s list is dwindling, review your preselling techniques and tweak some of them to present a fresh new outlook again.

Preselling Equals More Sales

One of the more important components of making affiliate marketing work is the affiliate network. This network is where affiliates find advertiser products to promote and earn a commission with each sale. The problem is that most of these sites focus on the sale and ignore preselling.

Creating a site that is a big sales pitch will not work or lead to big sales. The reason? Visitors are naturally resistant to sales pitches no matter how enticing the site is. 

By selling, you are actually turning off your visitors from your site. What is needed is to let their guards down first so that they will be susceptible to your sales pitch.


Millions of people every day go on the internet looking only for one thing: content.
People want to learn something, or they are looking for some help with a problem or some other answers to some questions they have.

For someone looking for information and being bombarded with sales pitches all over the site is one very unpleasant experience. 

Attention and trust

Instead of presenting them with what you want to sell, present them with the information they have been seeking. Doing so will not only gain their attention, but you will also gain their trust.

The trust comes in when they understand that you know what you are talking about and that you answer their questions (giving them knowledge). In turn, because of the trust, your later recommendations are highly-regarded and well-taken. 

The presell 

This is the principle of pre-selling. As the affiliate, you are the pre-seller, not the seller. The preseller’s job is to give the visitor the needed information which they have craved all along (within their topic of interest).

As soon as the ice is broken, so to speak, your visitor is now in a receptive stage. With a changed mentality, their defensive anti-sales pitch guard is now all down. They are now ready and receptive for the advertiser’s sales page.

Product focus 

There are two important factors to remember to effectively pre-sell to your visitors. The first is to carefully craft your site to the theme of your advertiser’s product or services.

If you are an affiliate for an army of health product advertisers, your site needs to focus on health and fitness, proper diet, exercise, and other health-associated themes. Make sure your site is interesting and is properly matched. 

In your visitor’s shoes 

Putting yourself in your visitor’s shoes will make you an impartial critic to your own site. Is your site difficult to navigate? Do all the links work? Are there enough useful and suitable content to make your visitor happy?

If your site passes all tests, it is now ready to recommend advertisers to its visitors. You can be assured that after providing your visitors with the information they sought, they will trust your recommendations.

Preselling works

Do not forget that the job of your website is to provide information – the preselling that we are all talking about. Let the advertisers do their selling on their website because that is their role in the affiliate network.

Increase Your Sales with Outsourced Articles

Before focusing on what outsourced articles are and how you can use them to your advantage, it is important to focus on the products or services you are selling. Make sure they are worth the money. If you are selling a product that is either poor in quality or just a bad idea, don’t expect high sales. No one will want to buy it, regardless of how good your internet marketing campaign is.

Next, have a website to sell your products or services on. You can rely on third party websites, but they always charge a fee. This fee will cut into your profits. You may see a free blog as a cheap approach, but many have strict rules and restrictions on the direct selling of products. For the most part, a website is best. Websites tend to look more professional than blogs. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use a blog, but use it to direct traffic to your main website.

When using outsourced articles, you pay another writer to compose them for you. Before you start the hiring process, know what you want. Professional writers will ask questions, as they want to make sure they are doing the job right. It is best to have these questions already answered. How many articles do you need to order? What should be their length? What are the article topics? Do you have specific title ideas or is your writer free to choose? Do you want keywords used?

To have the best luck with outsourced articles, you want them related to the product or service that you are selling. You may not want a straight-up written advertisement, but make sure there is a connection. Are you selling a time management software program? If so, order articles that outline the benefits of time management, how to buy time management software, their uses, and what to look for in quality programs.

If you want to increase your website sales with outsourced articles, they need to be keyword articles. The search engines will pick up your website when popular keyword phrases are positioned throughout your articles. This is a nice, easy, and organic way to increase your visitor count. An increase in visitors may lead to an increase in sales. 

As for determining what keywords your writer should use, research is required. This is something that you can have your writer do, but it should only take you five minutes at the most. Find a keyword research tool online. Search with a relevant word, such as time management. What specific phrases are internet users searching for? Try to have your writer insert one or two of those phrases at least once in every paragraph.

As a recap, keyword articles can improve your income by generating extra traffic to your website. Similar articles can also be distributed to directories with your website link attached. Although you may not see an increase in sales or profits right away, remember these articles will stay on the internet for months or even years to come.

Signs –Ultimate Sales Tools

A well-designed signage program can instantly and effectively communicate the style, professionalism and overall presence of your business, it conveys to people who you are, where you are and what you do.
Vehicle signs are one of the most cost-effective advertising tools available to maximize the potential of your business. With unique and effective design, your shop car becomes a moving billboard and connects with your customers in a way that no other advertising medium can. It sends the message to potential customers that your company is expert and professional and is also established and reputable. Vehicle advertising is long-lasting and works 365 days a year. 
Exterior and interior signs are also important marketing assets in promoting your business and enhancing its representation. How your directional and informational signs are presented and function together with an attractive storefront or forecourt signage are important to a positive customer shopping experience which will, in turn, create more sales and leads. 
Advertising banners and displays can be used to announce new products, promote special events, advertise sales, generate excitement or attract and motivate customers.
One of the initial things to do when choosing a sign company is to find one that specializes in the sort of sign you want. Although the majority of companies will not refer to any specialty in their advertising, many will actually be mainly proficient at making a certain type of sign. You will often find a faster turnaround and better pricing when working with such a company. 
Working with people who are on the whole informed about the details surrounding a given project can significantly impact the type of signs that are created. If you are not using your own designer, you may want to think about the completed projects of graphic designers working at the sign company. This may well be your best investment.

How to create great video products

In the last year, we have seen an explosion in the online video market. Try these tips if you want to create great video products for sale on the Internet:

You’ll be more successful if you show how to solve a problem. Forget about trying to impress people. Forget about trying to look good. Be natural, be yourself, and show people how you solved a problem in your own life. Then give your viewers tips for applying these lessons and strategies to their lives.

Focus on action. Always think about action-about what you want your audience to do. Then build your video around that action. As the Roman statesman Cato said, “Find the message first and the words will follow.”
Failure is the result of a lack of focus. To be effective-for people to remember your message-focus on a single PowerPoint and present it as truthfully and as entertainingly as you can, rather than presenting a series of topics in a single video product.

The power of structure

Keep this basic structure in mind as you create your video product:

* Start with a powerful, attention-grabbing lead. Clearly state your theme in the first minute. 
* Use smooth transitions to link one segment to another.
* Use action verbs. Change verbs in passive voice to active verbs. Keep adjectives and adverbs to a minimum. 
* Give viewers a few suggestions to help them apply what they’ve learned to their lives.
* Be yourself. Use short words and sentences. If you’re stuck and you don’t know what to say next, explain it the way you would to your best friend or spouse. 
* Connect with your audience. Wrap everything in human terms-make it something your next-door neighbor can relate to. 
* Finish with a satisfying conclusion that reemphasizes your theme.

When you have an idea for your video, you’ll know it’s the right one if you can answer “yes” to each of the following questions:

* Does this need to be done? Am I the right person to do it? Can I see the world from the point of view of my audience? Can I think of their thoughts? 
* Can the market I’m targeting understand my video? Can I express the idea better in half the time? Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, “Perfection is attained, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
* Does the idea hold together from start to finish? Does it move smoothly? Does the video make sense as a whole rather than just as the sum of its parts?
* Am I willing to say what I think is true, no matter what?

As you develop your video, keep this checklist handy at all times. It will let you know what elements in your video product need more work, and it will let you know when your video is ready to be distributed and sold on the Internet.

If you want to learn more about how you can create more sales, you can check out my #1 recommendation.

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