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I had recently left behind my corporate life to pursue my dream of traveling the world. My life was mostly about working long hours and not having much time for myself. What was making this worse was that I had enough money to survive but not to live the way I wanted to. I was feeling fed up and definitely unfulfilled. I did know one thing, I was never going to work for anybody again in my life. This was not my way of living at all.I needed to learn how to become my own boss.


Like everyone else who stumbled into online entrepreneurship, I also fell for the promises of working and traveling the globe. You probably know what I am talking about. There are tons and tons of people selling courses that are supposed to make you rich in a month with some magic formula.

If you have spent any reasonable amount of time trying out an online business, and learning to become your own boss, you already know that most of them are lies.

You Need To Know The Facts

The internet offers us a great ability to do great things with a bit more ease, but the fact is that business isn’t easy. If you are considering dropping your job and living the laptop lifestyle, You should know the facts straight up from the start. Nothing is going to come to you automatically.


I had known about the awesome business model of affiliate marketing for a while now. I knew that I really needed to learn how to become my own boss– and I had a lot to learn. Digital marketing was something I put aside because I felt cynical after my previous failed attempts at it. I have been burned a couple of times trying to find the right fit for myself and didn’t want to dedicate time to something when I didn’t have the confidence, knowledge and work ethic to make things happen.


So I went back to searching on Google about different ideas I could do for free (or low-cost) and came across a video from the SFM which states they help people in starting an online business and with it create a life of freedom. When I first joined, I was VERY skeptical. Over the last several years, I’ve joined several learning programs with varying results from different online opportunities. The truth is that most people who start affiliate marketing fail. Many people fail at affiliate marketing because they get discouraged when one strategy doesn’t pull in the results they hoped for.

Finding the SFM changed everything for me!

What SFM Taught Me

Since signing up with the SFM I have learned so many tech skills that are needed to build an online business What most online marketers are paying extra for is included with your membership. A pre-built website, hosting, website development tools, graphics creator, lead capture pages, ebook cover creator, viral report builder, simple tracking and split testing software and a huge amount of other inclusive tools and programs. And with the potential to earn while you learn , the easiest decision I’ve ever made. I learned how to navigate the system of selling successfully online by providing value to people. I also learned about high-ticket affiliate products and how to separate myself from the majority of people that barely make a dime online. This program truly taught me how to become my own boss.


But the most important change in myself I think is the mindset change. Before I found the SFM I would never have believed that it is possible if you just work hard and never give up. Mindset is probably the most important part of being successful. A huge part of the training is built around this to help you get into this mindset.

The Training

They have different levels of membership: Each category contains its own set of specific resources that walk you through the entire process

I chose to go with the Essential membership which gave me access to all 5 training modules that I needed to learn how to become my own boss:

  • Program Preparation – Introduction to selling online
  • Picking Your Path – Vision for your future and forming a 90-day action plan
  • Planning Your Promotions – The process of setting up your business
  • Preparing Your Platforms – Learning marketing concepts
  • Promoting Your Products – Learning different promotional strategies
  • Additional Training
  • “Lynda Course” database- you can pick and choose which courses you wish to watch.
  • Two e-books
  • JK Blackbox – Discusses your mindset and the history of digital marketing
  • SR Attraction Marketing – Discusses how to communicate with your customers
  • Weekly and Monthly live webinars with Q & A
  • Access to past webinars
  • Daily motivation boosters
  • Join the community (Facebook)
  • Invitation to exclusive events (added cost)Tools – website builder & hosting landing page creator, graphics creator, and tracking tools.

 One of the special features that I personally enjoyed was the number of experts. They contribute regularly to The SFM by adding new videos, tutorials, and posts for the benefit of other members.

Ever felt frustrated and overwhelmed when starting something new? It’s probably because you had no one to turn to when you were stuck. That feeling doesn’t happen as a member of The SFM .

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The training that I went through at The SFM is more advanced than what college courses ever offered. Every single training resource is included with your membership. It really can teach you to become your own boss.

Do Your Research

Many people that go through it end up building their own businesses thanks to the skills they’ve learned.


While the SFM is one of the top training programs I’ve ever taken. You should still do your own research to see if it’s a good fit for you.

A lot of people come into a community like SFM and assume that most of the work is done for them…This is simply not true.

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How It Can Help You

This training will empower you with some of the best material out there when it comes to mindset and marketing your business, but you WILL need to do the work.

It’s going to be tough. You’ll still struggle and feel overwhelmed at first but if you trust the process and really want to learn to become your own boss…keep going, you have the ability to build an incredible business that’ll sustain you for the rest of your life.

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