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Variety is a good thing but when there are so many choices for a single purpose, it can be very confusing. Such is often the case when prospective affiliates try to make their decisions regarding the best affiliate programs to make money.


Since the choice of an affiliate marketing program is critical to your success, find out which among the hundreds now available is the best program to use. There is hope. Right now is an AWESOME time to get into affiliate marketing. Not only because there is TONS of money to be made – but also because there is awesome training out there that DOESN’T rip you off! There are a few of these training programs that actually want to help you succeed. Not everyone is looking to simply grab your cash by any means necessary. Here are a few best affiliate programs to make money that I have used and recommend:

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is good for people that needs their hand to be held step by step, but this can be annoying for people who already know a little bit about affiliate marketing and SEO. They teach you how to build websites & rank for longtail keywords. Also making review videos on youtube. Wealthy Affiliate also offers an affiliate program to promote the program itself and get a commission for it. You can check it out here

The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1

  • Learn all tools needed to succeed in affiliate marketing in one course
  • The course is updated regularly so you don’t miss out on any new stuff
  • Go from beginner to extremely high level with the comprehensive practical lessons and quizzes.
  • Can also help you start your freelancing career in addition to affiliate marketing
  • 365 Lectures + 28 Articles + 3 Downloadable resources + Full lifetime accesss
  • Grow a Business Online From Scratch
  • Work From Home as a Freelance Marketer You can check it out here.

You can check it out here.


Affiliate Marketing + SEO: Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  • It teaches students to advertise their products in the most productive ways.
  • The entire course has been designed in an understandable manner. Lectures have been categorized according to their relevance and level, so users find it extremely easy to navigate through the course.
  • This e-course has 99 Lectures + Assignments + Full lifetime access + 2 eBooks + 35 Articles + 1 Downloadable resource.

The Complete Facebook Marketing Masterclass

Gives you knowledge of techniques on using Facebook and Instagram as a business..You can check it out here.

  1. Learn how to use Facebook for finding customers.
  2. Optimize Facebook pages.
  3. Able to run powerful Instagram ads.


A course community designed to help bloggers get traffic, make an income, and build a career.You can check it out here

  • Great Training
  • Step By Step Guidance
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Good Extras
  • Incredible Value for The Money
  • Great Community

Super Affiliate System

John Crestani is very well known in the affiliate space, covering everything from PPC, Facebook Ads, Youtube & Native Ads. John is a proven affiliate marketer so he is speaking from experience. You can check it out here

  • Comprehensive training on all traffic sources
  • John a proven 7 figure affiliate marketer
  • Weekly Q&A Calls
  • Excellent Facebook ads training

Six Figure Mentors

Benefit from webinars, Facebook groups,1-on-1 mentoring calls, personal experiences from other members that have gone through the training that you have access to.


At each step of your training, you’ll get the guidance, education and tools to take your mindset and business venture to the next level, giving you the momentum to begin earning online revenue as quickly as is realistically possible. you come to a point where you realise the only thing stopping you from succeeding is you.

 An excellent business system to make launching your websites as simple as possible. education modules are designed to be hands-on and bite-sized so that learning becomes fun and action steps are made clear. Check it out here

I want to show you some criterias to know to look out for when researching best affiliate programs to make money:

The affiliate marketing program is top quality

Always go for the best affiliate programs to make money that is backed up by a reliable and trustworthy team with the appropriate and sufficient knowledge about the industry. Check the affiliate product and services as well. Are they for real, offer good value and are saleable? Remember that you will be putting your own credibility on the line when you sign up for that program. If it’s trustworthy, then you will be viewed as such as well.

The affiliate product is ‘hot’ or getting there

Stay current on market demands and about the ‘hottest’ and ‘to watch out for’ products. A simple search online will help you find out the kind of things that people are looking for and are willing to buy. There’s a good chance an affiliate marketing program is selling that product. When a product has high market demand, it’s much easier to sell. 

My Banner
My Banner

This is good news for you as an affiliate of that program since there won’t be any backbreaking work to do just to get the product off the ground. It will sell on its own or for minimal effort.

The affiliate marketing program pays high commissions

Ultimately, the affiliate’s goal in signing up for an affiliate marketing program is to earn money. In affiliate marketing, earnings come in the form of commissions – usually a percentage off the sale of a product. Why settle for a low-paying program when there are others from which you can benefit more from given the same amount of efforts on your part?


When considering what affiliate marketing program to use, choose those that offer higher commission rates. Good rates range from about 50 percent to 75 percent. If the program pays lower than that, you might want to reconsider. It may not be worth your effort at all.

The affiliate marketing program has a higher than usual conversion rate

Conversion rate refers to the period it takes for a prospect who clicks on an affiliate site to become a paying customer. In affiliate marketing, this can be notoriously fickle, with leads taking as much as 60 days before ever purchasing anything.

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A good indication that a particular affiliate marketing program is the best one to use is its high conversion rate. This means that more visitors to an affiliate’s site become buyers. When there are more buyers, an affiliate’s earnings increase.

To find out about their conversion rate, you can check an affiliate marketing program’s website. Some of them publish this information. If not, you will have to test the product yourself using targeted visitors to see how well it performs.

The affiliate marketing program offers full support.

This is an especially important criteria to look for when deciding what affiliate marketing program to use if you’re a beginner. There are many programs that will offer their system and leave you to your own devices without checking in on your progress. 


If you’re not a self-starter or are wary of affiliate marketing programs that don’t assist their affiliates, avoid these types. Use affiliate marketing programs that provide sufficient information, training and affiliate support. You will appreciate this extra feature in case you run into a bit of trouble later.

Maximizing Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Once blog/website owners have selected affiliate marketing opportunities it is time to consider how they can maximize the profit generated by these links. There are a couple of critical factors that blog owners should carefully consider to help maximize their profit from affiliate marketing. This includes regularly evaluating the effectiveness of the affiliate links and promoting the blog to maximize traffic. 

Blog owners who incorporate affiliate marketing into their blog should regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the affiliate links. This can be done by comparing the percentage of blog visitors who click on the affiliate links to the overall blog traffic. A blog which has high traffic but a relatively small percentage of visitors who click on the affiliate links should consider making changes to attempt to entice more blog visitors to click on the links. These changes can involve the aesthetics, size or location of the advertisements. Making only one change at a time is recommended because it makes it easier for the blog owner to evaluate which changes are most beneficial. 

Blog owners can also help to maximize the profit from their affiliate marketing opportunities by doing self-promotion to drive additional website to the blog. This will likely be beneficial because higher website traffic will generally translate to greater profit from affiliate marketing. Additionally, the blog owner may want to occasionally mention companies for which they are an affiliate to generate interest in the advertisements on the website.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing Requirements

Finally, blog owners should pay careful attention to the affiliate marketing agreements they enter. This is important because some companies may place restrictions on the usage of a link to their website. This may include restrictions such as avoiding objectionable content, not including links or advertisements for direct competitors or restrictions on the appearance of the affiliate links. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the blog losing affiliate privileges and the blog owner being denied compensation.

I hope this article helped you in finding your way into the best affiliate programs to make money.

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